For Patients

hip knee replacement medicalKnee and hip replacement patients today have the option to choose to have their surgery in a facility that specializes in joint replacement procedures – at JRHA it is the only thing we do. Our focus is on providing our patients with the most comfortable and personalized experience possible. The surgeons and support staff at JRHA are trained in the most advanced equipment, materials and surgical methods available today.

Our staff includes nationally awarded surgeons, a high caliber nursing staff, certified physical therapists, and staff-trained physical therapy aides. Our surgeons have contributed to developing some of the recent advancements in orthopaedics and serve to instruct fellow surgeons on the use of advanced orthopedic surgical equipment. Through systematic forms of continuing education, our staff remains current with the latest techniques and innovations in the orthopedic industry. Minimally invasive surgery, computer assisted surgery and robotics occupy a large space in JRHA surgical models.

Our goal is to keep active people active with enhanced performance and improved quality of life. By choosing a JRHA facility for your knee or hip procedure, you can be confident in receiving the best of care by the best in the profession.