Hip Replacement

JRHA Hip Replacement Implant

Total Hip Replacement Implant

Hip replacement surgery involves replacing components of the hip joint with a synthetic implant, thereby repairing the damaged bearing surfaces that are causing pain. In a total hip replacement both the thigh bone (femur) and the socket are replaced with synthetic implant materials.

Hip replacement will relieve pain, help your hip joint work better, and restore normal walking and other movements. Hip replacement surgery has a very high success rate, and offers an incredible quality of life improvement to most patients. If you have hip damage and pain that physical therapy, medicines, and exercise don’t help, then hip replacement may be the solution to a better quality of life.

It is certainly true that not everyone with hip joint pain needs a total hip replacement, but when your quality of life grows increasingly diminished due to hip joint pain, it is advisable to consider your options for hip replacement surgery. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide when you’ve had enough pain and are ready to seek out a medical solution. Unfortunately, many people endure hip pain unnecessarily for months or years before seeking treatment.