Advanced Technologies

JRHA Hip Replacement Patient ConsultationThe dramatic advances in joint replacement technology over the past twenty years have greatly benefited the medical profession and the patients we serve. Refined surgical techniques, improved materials, and deeper knowledge of joint architecture have led to great strides in joint replacement science.

The introduction of robotic devices, computer assistance and complex imaging are enhancing the surgeons abilitiy to make more accurate decisions during surgical procedures. Operations that previously required several hours to complete are now being accomplished in nearly half the time – resulting in reduced time under anesthesia for the patient.

Patients who choose to have their joint surgery at a JRHA facility receive the highest level of technological advancements and surgical expertise available today. JRHA hip and knee replacement patients generally experience a one-to-two day surgical and recovery experience in our facility. Personally guided post-operative physical therapy is carried out on premises, and patients in most cases are released to return home usually less than three days after completion of their surgical procedure.