For Medical Professionals

jrha facility exampleThe Joint Replacement Hospitals of America staff includes many award winning surgeons and medical professionals with key roles in industry-leading orthopedic and medical societies. The self-guided nature of each facility attracts professionals who desire greater autonomy from the traditional hospital administration environment. Our review board certifies only the most highly trained and personally regarded surgeons and medical professionals in the industry.

Each JRHA facility is:

  • A self-contained single focus surgical hospital primarily for hip and knee replacement, secondarily for sports medicine.
  • A small scale surgical facility that will featuring two or three operating rooms, twelve patient rooms, and offices for surgeons and administrative staff.
  • A single story 29,000 square foot building comprised of an outpatient evaluation center (similar to a traditional medical office), a surgical suite, a post-surgical care unit, a patient education center, and a post-surgical rehabilitation center.
  • Electronically linked by a single health information system.
  • Equipped with state-of-the-art surgical tools, including robotic and computer-assisted surgical instruments.
  • Cutting edge surgical centers where patients can undergo joint replacement surgeries with confidence.

Quality working environment:

  • The JRHA physicians who deliver care to their patients determine how that care is provided.
  • Work at a controlled pace, unlike the hectic environment of a general hospital.
  • Take advantage of JRHA’s strategic alliance with a unique patient/prospect attraction and retention system.
  • Work alongside renowned orthopedic and joint replacement specialists like yourself.

Superior patient care and comfort:

  • Narrow focus allows surgeons to provide enhanced, more specialized care.
  • State-of-the-art tools and computer-assisted robotic surgical instruments improve the results of procedures.
  • Internet based medical records enable unprecedented hospital efficiency.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner food services provided by an external contractor and overseen by a registered dietician for all patients.
  • Patient education center offers preoperative education of surgical patients.
  • On-site pharmacy providing pharmaceuticals specific to the postoperative recovery of joint replacement patients.